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If the initial assessment process isn’t accurate, everything that follows is flawed.

While instincts are good, instincts backed by science are reliably better. The use of predictive analytics for data-driven decision making in organizations has tripled in recent years. Specifically for people-decisions, many pioneering companies apply this approach using the decades of scientific research grounded in organizational psychology.

As Organizational Psychologists, our psychometrically validated assessments provide management consultants, executive coaches, and leaders with groundbreaking analytic tools for data-driven people-decisions and innovative strategy.

Personal Change
Capacity Measure ©

The Personal Change Capacity Measure© (PCCM©) is a psychometrically validated diagnostic tool, measuring an individual’s behavioral tendency on a spectrum from change driver to change blocker. The PCCM model is based on seven behavioral orientations that comprise the necessary balance of thinking and doing, or cognition and action.

Authentic Presence
Inventory ©

The Authentic Presence Inventory© (API©) is a psychometrically validated diagnostic tool, measuring an individual’s ability to get heard and have the impact they want. It is developed in both 360 and self-assessment formats. The API model is comprised of four factors and nine competencies that interact dynamically to reveal internal states of being and outward behaviors to determine an individual’s executive presence.

Radical Innovation
Readiness Inventory ©

The Radical Innovation Readiness Inventory©(RIR©) is a psychometrically validated diagnostic tool that assesses an organization’s capacity to innovate. Based on the analysis of nine critical factors, the RIR precisely pinpoints strengths and development areas for creating a corporate culture that supports innovation.

Assessments ©

For organization or department specific challenges, our Customized Assessments get to the core of the issue, to unlock the breakthroughs necessary for progress. Based on individualized needs, NBA develops customized survey assessments to capture critical data around challenge areas, as well as to identify untapped power in growth areas. Post data collection, an analysis is conducted to translate the raw data into meaningful operational insights and action plans.