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Authentic Presence Inventory (API)

The Authentic Presence Inventory© (API©) is the result of extensive research on how executive presence is demonstrated and developed. The API utilizes self-assessment and 360-degree feedback to pinpoint areas of strength and areas for development.

The conventional view is that executive presence is fundamentally an outward phenomenon, having to do with how one appears. However, our research and work with leaders indicates that a person’s presence is an inner experience, having to do with how one thinks and feels, and the impacts of both. In addition, it is not an all-or-nothing quality, which few people have and most people do not. Rather, it is a personal process, a habitual integration of one’s thoughts, feelings and actions, which is developed incrementally, and becomes more impactful over time. Our findings show that authentic presence is not defined by one type of person or style, but has infinite expressions.

The API model is comprised of four factors, Purpose, Poise, Projection, and Impact that interact dynamically. Each factor is broken down into competencies that allow the individual to understand how they are being perceived by others, and what inner work they need to focus on to have greater impact.

To learn more about the Authentic Presence Inventory© (API©), please contact us.