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Personal Change Capacity Measure (PCCM)

The PCCM allows leaders to get off the treadmill of “managing resistance to change” and shift to investing in the “innovators of change”. This powerful tool identifies where the energy is in an organization and moves the focus away from roadblocks and toward possibilities.

Long gone are the days of merely adapting to change.  Today the critical question is identifying who can make change happen. In order for organizations to access this intelligence, it is paramount to identify one’s individual capacity to drive change and where within an organizational change strategy that capacity lends itself to making the greatest impact.

The Personal Change Capacity Measure© (PCCM©) is a psychometrically validated assessment of an individual’s behavioral tendency on a spectrum from driving to maintaining change. Based on extensive research, the PCCM model measures the seven essential behavioral orientations necessary for balancing both the thinking and doing components for successful change.  Arming your organization with this intelligence pinpoints change capacity at both the organizational and individual level and offers sound analytics for reliable, data driven decision making.

The analytics provided from the PCCM assessment is intended to increase both self and organizational awareness related to the strength and development areas of one’s change capacity. The findings offer critical insights for guiding decision making around strategic design and workforce planning – as well as identifying training, development and coaching needs.

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