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Radical Innovation Readiness Inventory (RIR)

Based on 50 years of research, the Radical Innovation Readiness Inventory© (RIR©) was developed to address the need for ongoing innovation in organizations. It critically assesses an organization or division’s capacity for both incremental and radical innovation. The RIR is a powerful, scientifically validated diagnostic tool that provides a system-wide investigation of an organization’s dynamics and culture to understand the elements that both support and thwart innovation.

The RIR is a comprehensive and easy to administer online survey given to whole organizations, down to sub-divisions. Demographic items are customized based on the organization’s nomenclature and unique needs. The RIR looks at the dynamic interactions and communication between divisions, departments, functions, and levels of leadership, as well as external market forces. It offers vital information regarding what employees believe to be important versus what leaders determine as strategic priorities. The RIR is able to show how internally versus externally-focused a company is, and how well the informal infrastructure supports innovation that comes from diverse sources.

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