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Our Story

In times of change, the learners will lead us into the future, while those attached to old certainties
will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists.

Using proven data-science and people analytics, Navigated Breakthrough Analytics Group (NBAG) revolutionizes conventional change management approaches with a deeper exploration of the human side of organizations.

The reality of the workplace is employers hire for skill and fire for behavior. NBAG has developed valid methods for measuring key behaviors demonstrated by high performing employees, teams, and organizations. Grounded in predictive analytics, our psychometrically validated assessments identify an organization’s game changers, and position or develop them for sustainable growth.

Meet Our Team


Tamara Aberson-Sloboda, Ph.D.

A Founding Partner of Navigated Breakthrough Analytics Group. She has held numerous leadership positions in both the public and private sectors.

Most notably, Tamara was Co-founder and CEO of a successful dot-com, later acquired by Interactive Corp (IAC), a Fortune 500 public conglomerate. She has since consulted for companies such as; Walt Disney, Goodwill Industries, and a publicly traded M&A brand accelerator.

Tamara holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology and an M.S. in Education from Florida International University. Her years of research and organizational restructuring led to the development of the Personal Change Capacity Measure (PCCM©), a diagnostic assessment identifying a company’s game changers. Additionally, she is a contributing professor of Organizational Leadership for the Massachusetts School of Professional Psychology.


Andrea Schlaerth, Ph.D.

A Founding Partner of Navigated Breakthrough Analytics Group. Her clients have included the Walt Disney Company, Atmel Corporation, Goodwill Southern California, City of Pasadena, and Orange County Asian and Pacific Islander Community Alliance. Andrea also coordinated the execution of multi-million dollar grants to support maternal and child health at the University of Southern California (USC) University Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles; and in the Department of Family Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC.

Andrea published her research in a special issue of Group Processes & Intergroup Relations, which was presented at the 30th International Congress of Psychology Conference in South Africa. She is currently writing a book chapter for the Encyclopedia of Mental Health, Second Edition. She is an adjunct faculty at the Organizational and Leadership Psychology Department at MSPP. Andrea holds a Ph.D. in Industrial-Organizational Psychology from the California School of Professional Psychology.